Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of this site is an agreement that legally binds you with the terms at Istanbul VIP Transfers. At Istanbul VIP Transfers, we commit to convert your entire experience into a positive and enriching one.


Once you login to our website, you have the liberty to choose a personal login email and you may also assign a password for your profile. We may assign a password for your profile. But you have the option to change the password whenever you wish to. Once you provide us with information on the type of vehicle you wish to engage, we get back with you with a list of available options.

Although we will make every effort to ensure that you avail nothing short of the most premium services, we would want you to understand that we deal with an overwhelming number of clients on certain occasions. On these instances, we might not e able to deliver you the precise services that you need. We will however make it a point to inform you about the changes well in advance.

At Istanbul VIP Transfers, we attach nonpareil importance to your privacy. All personal information that you share with us is treated confidentially. We will, in no event sell your information to any third party.

Data Security

We share your concern about security of data. We make every effort towards ensuring the security of the data that you provide us. But no transmission of data over the internet can be deemed completely secure. Therefore, we will not be accountable for any leak of confidential information during internet transmissions.

Information provided by you

In the process of using our website, we may ask you to provide some information about yourself. The information that you pass on to us when you fill out the query form at our website is one such way. We reassure you that such information provided by you will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Once we receive data containing your personal information, your data is stored securely within our company servers. Information provided by you is handled only by our trusted website professionals.

Information we gather

Apart from the information that you provide to us, we also gather some information on our own. We gather these pieces of information primarily through the use of cookies. Using cookies, we take down some generic information including. Your physical location along with the local time when you log in to our site is one of the first things we monitor. Then, we also like to keep a track of the number of unique visitors to our website. Cookies are also used to note the browser that you are using to log into our site. We also use cookies to figure out the time that you spend on our site.

The intention behind use of cookies is purely to ensure that you have a better experience when you visit our site. If you do not wish to be tracked by these cookies, you always have the option to deactivate them in your browser setting.