Car Hire Terms

Take a look at the car hire terms and conditions that you must know when renting the fleet of cars, limos and other vehicles at Istanbul VIP Transfers.

- First time rental

If this is your first time in renting a car or at least in a while, you should get through us instantly. Istanbul VIP Transfers will do the reservation for you and make the rental process fast, easy and convenient.

- Minimum rental period

The minimum rental that we allow for is 24 hours. You can exceed anything beyond that and we will charge you accordingly. However, anything lesser than 24 hours is also included under a whole day rate.

- Rates include/ Rates exclude

Include under rates are aspects like theft insurance, third party insurance (upto legal limits), local taxes, maintenance, VAT charges, collision damage waiver and the like. Special rates and terms are also applicable for long term rentals (say 30 days or more). However, things that are not included under rates are fuel, personal insurance, one way rental fees and certain optional extras like additional drivers, special equipment, optional insurances; highway tolls, parking fees and the like.

- Driving License and age

All our drivers hold a valid national or international driver’s license. Depending on the group they fall in, the license is issued to them. For economy drivers, two years period and attaining 21 years of age is mandatory; for standard groups, 25 years of age and minimum 3 years of license holding experience counts while for luxury purposes, drivers are expected to cross the age of 28. Age restrictions are applicable for our company, so we keep monitoring on that.

- Flight or Train information

We expect clients to provide the correct flight number or coach and seat number for trains in addition to the arrival time, prior to departure. There can be situations where the information is not available at the time of booking but we expect the information at least seven days prior to the client’s arrival here. We are not accountable for anything if the information is not received by us in advance. This is because we wish to keep our staffs ready for you on your arrival.

- Car models or groups

Though we mostly deal in limousines, there are other car models that clients can choose from. However, we cannot guarantee the makes and models. We can try to find the most desirable model after seeing through your specifications but we expect you to understand that certain circumstances are beyond control. If there are similar or higher car groups, we can arrange for proper substitutes.

- Condition of vehicles

Regardless of the car model you choose, the vehicle must be returned in the same condition it is rented. If a special cleaning is required, charges might apply at the time of return.

- Delayed or early return

If the return is delayed, then one third of the daily rate is charged for each additional hour. In case, five or more hours pass by, then it is counted as an extra day. Though there is not much we can do for early returns like refunds but you can always give it before the specified time or date as agreed in the rental agreements.

- Insurance types

Know the types of insurance before exacting on your car model:

- Third party Insurance: Includes dangers caused by renter to any other vehicles or people or their property.

- Theft Insurance: This is applicable when the car is stolen. If authorities decide, customers may have to pay a rental fee till the date the car is founded, which normally does not exceed more than 30 days. In the inability of finding the car within the specified time, customers no longer have to pay the amount.

- Collision damages waiver (CDW): All the accidental damages caused to the car is included under this insurance. However, it does not cover excess deductibles, windscreen or headlight breakage, tire punctures and the like. All these come under Super CDW Insurance.

- Personal accident insurance: If any traffic accident results in the renter bearing the brunt of personal injuries, despite driving within permissible limits of the rental car’s insurance policy, this insurance covers it all. Generally non-Turkish citizens are spared of this for their health or travel insurance covers personal injuries.

Note: There are certain situations that do not fall in the purview of insurances like, driver working under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damaged car and traffic report submitted to the nearest police station, crossing the legal speed limits and so on.

- Fuel policy

If clients find that vehicles are not provided in full tank, it is advisable to return the car at the earliest. We however welcome clients’ requests of pre-paid full tank at the time of booking.

- Traffic norms

If any legal responsibilities arise from traffic violations incurred during the rental period, it must be given by the renter only.

- Cancelation Policy

Clients may wish to cancel the agenda and our cancellation policy is what they must adhere to. However, refunds are applicable depending on the situation.

If rentals need to be cancelled, we usually levy a charge for the cancellation of the booking prior to the collection date.

No refunds are applicable for rentals ended early or for late collections or for cancellations made after the rental start date. However, you must send cancellation in writing or mail us.

- Online reservation help

For any queries relating to reservations and rates, use our online form or simply call us in our number. Our staffs will assist you thereafter.

- Website issues

We try and make your experience of browsing throughout website an enjoyable experience, in case you encounter difficulties, let us know at the earliest.