We, Istanbul VIP Transfers Company take pride in offering transfer services at competitive prices. Whether it is a limo or a supercar from us you can hire them at really affordable prices. Since years we are known to offer fair rates for exceptional customer service. However, our charges vary by the model of vehicle and the kind of service. Our type of services includes airport transfer, city transfer, port transfer and many more. You can take a look at our fleet of cars and call us expert for advice or reservation. We request you speak to our staff, so that they can provide you with the accurate quotation.

Our airport transfer rate comprised of;

  • - Basic rate for the type of vehicle
  • - Airport parking charge
  • - Gratuity for chauffeur
  • - Additional charges for waiting beyond the said time after arrival of the plane
  • - Fees for transfer between 12:00PM and 6:30AM
  • - STC charge including highway tolls etc.,

However, we do not charge anything for traffic or local flight delays. Istanbul VIP Transfers Company uses radar websites and airline websites to track the arrival and departure of flights.

  • - Our hourly charges include;
  • - Depends on the number of hours
  • - The type of vehicle you are hiring
  • - For the local trips, our charges begin at the schedules pickup time
  • - For city to city trips, we charge ‘garage to garage’ that includes the drivers travel time as well
  • - Charges for hiring luxurious vehicles like stretch limos, mini coaches or SUV’s vary by the time of the year or the day of a week.

The benefit of an hourly car charter is that both the vehicle and the chauffeur will be available close by in case there is a change in your plan.

  • - Our point-to-point service includes;
  • - We offer limited point-to-point service for special occasions
  • - For point-to-point transfer we charge more
  • - It is charged as an all-inclusive rate

However, any changes concerning point-to-point transfer may not be entertained.

Price Details:

  • - Chauffeur is included
  • - Vehicles requests on special events are generally charged separately
  • - Fuel charges included
  • - No inclusion of 18% VAT in the price
  • - After 150km haul an extra 2 EUR per km will be charged

- After 150km haul an extra 2 EUR per km will be charged