Frequently Asked Questions

If you are paying online, there are many options including Master Card, Visa, Maestro, Visa Delta and Visa Electron. You will need to leave a token security deposit with our local correspondent at Istanbul VIP Transfers.
You can change a booking that has been confirmed already. For this, we will require a print or digital copy of your payment confirmation along with the booking ID. We charge a nominal amendment fee for rescheduling. You will have to send us a description of the change that you want to make. But we cannot guarantee a booking on the new date nor can we ensure that the rates will be the same.
Once you arrive at our rental office, we will add additional drivers on request. The fee for an additional driver is also payable at the counter. If you or a member from your group wishes to drive during at some stage during the course of the trip, please ensure they sign the required documents at the rental office. The drivers must have licenses that hold validity in Istanbul.
We send a confirmation email each time you make a successful booking with us. To change the pickup or drop off time, you can go to the confirmation email and visit the link provided in it. Although we try or best to adjust the timings in line with your preference, we cannot guarantee availability of vehicles or constant rates.
Yes, you can. If we are convinced with the reason you mention in the cancellation form, we will cancel the booking for you. We will deduct a fixed amount from your deposit depending on how late you ask us to make a cancellation.
If needed, a booking must be cancelled 48 hours before the scheduled commencement of the rental. Bookings can only be cancelled through the Istanbul VIP Transfers website. No other self initiated method of cancelling the booking will be accepted. Please do not attempt to cancel the booking directly with the car rental agent. Please note that you may use the link provided in the confirmation mail to make the cancellation. If you cancel your booking in due time, we will deduct a fixed cancellation charge from your deposit. If you cancel the booking within 48 hours before commencement of the rental, no funds from the initial deposit will be reimbursed.
The rental voucher is a document that we email you once we have confirmed your booking. We strongly recommend you to retain a printed copy of the mail that we send you. You must produce the rental voucher once you visit our rental desk. On failure to produce the rental voucher at the rental desk, we refuse to entertain any appeal for a refund.
We recommend all our customers to retain a printed version of the mail in which we include the rental voucher. But in case you have lost it, you can retrieve it from our website. All you need to do is request another voucher. We will immediately email it you. Once you receive the mail, please make sure to print it and bring it along with your credit card and driving license.